3 Top Tips For Learning To Play The Piano

Learning how to play the piano can be an enjoyable venture and the rewards are immense. You are never too old to learn how to play your favorite songs and presented below are three top tips for those hoping to become accomplished piano players:

1. Invest In A Digital Piano

One of the best investment a beginner can make is a digital piano. This is because, in order to get better, you need to practice a lot. When you only have access to an acoustic instrument, your practice time may be severely limited, as you may not want to disturb those you live with or your neighbors. With a digital piano, you can plug in a set of headphones and practice for 18 hours a day if you want without disturbing anybody. That said, it is important to make sure that you purchase a high-quality digital instrument that offers an ultra-realistic playing experience. Ideally, you need a 128 note polyphony digital piano.

2. Stay Motivated

In order to keep progressing, you need to stay motivated. This means that you need to constantly remind yourself about why wanted to learn to play the piano in the first place. Keeping up the motivation could involve something as simple as watching videos of piano players on YouTube performing songs that you hope to be able to play yourself one day.

3. Consider Online Lessons

Online lessons cost a considerable amount less than traditional piano lessons. In addition, with online lessons, you can set your own study schedule and learn at your own pace. When you purchase a downloadable video tutorial pack, you can watch the videos whenever you like. What’s more, many online teachers are now offering real-time online lessons via Skype. These lessons are great for those who need one-to-one interaction to really make progress.



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