Who Sets The Agenda?

4/4. Unit 6. “The time is ripe for a different kind of partnership, based not on an externally driven agenda or on financial and technical transfers between donors and recipients, but on a much better understanding of the political economy of both parties, and a sense of shared responsibility for addressing common problems. The ‘global […]

Geo-P: China-Africa, a Little Xiao Kang and the Chinese Dream

3/4. Unit 4. The third Note in this short series offers a brief introduction to the idea of how geopolitics should not only be a discussion within International Relations, but also within the field of International Development. Though, maybe more appropriately, how Development should not only become central to the ‘normal’ state level play of […]

The State is Back: Now, What Can We Do With It?

2/4. Unit 3. In the first Note below we noted how neo-liberal policy prescriptions have dominated development discourse and practice since the 1970s. This fact left politics and the state as minor considerations in discussions of development, apart from the apparent desire to sideline them further. This was the case until the 2000s, when more […]

Dear Politics, Where Have You Been?

1/4. Unit 1. As my Masters draws to a close and after nearly a year and a half since I added a Note here, I am about to throw down a few more Notes from Xi’an. Though, they come with an International Development twist. The course convenor for my final module – Politics in Development – […]